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      Welcome: Plasmatechnics
      Language: Chinese ∷  English

      company introduction

      Genertech  Precision Technology  Co., Ltd is located in Suzhou Singapore Industry Park.  a high-tech

      enterprise dedicated in developing﹑manufacturing﹑spreading and saleing plasma application devices.

      provide safe﹑reliable﹑efficient and advanced high quality products is our  purpose.   we are looking

      forward to work with the vast enterprise So as to well serve in plasma treatment area and provide better

      Plasma application solutions.

      Our product technology is all from American  PTI company.  All key components are imported directly from

      America PTI headquater.  In china, we assemble products and sale and provide after sale service. Customized

      Order is acceptable.


      Contact: Frank zou

      Phone: +86-18912605298

      Tel: +86-0512-62539529

      Email: sales@plasmatechnics.com.cn

      Add: Suzhou China